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      Xây dựng bộ tài liệu chi tiết cho dự án X - Gym

      Học viên: Hồ Sĩ Nam

      Nội dung bài tập

      I. X-Gym
      X – Gym is a fitness technology provider designing next -gen workout experiences for fitness and health facilities.
      II. Overall Scope
      • Web admin interface
      • Mobile app (Android + iOS)
      • Project Timeline: 5 months
      • X-Gym team you will work with includes
      • Product Manager
      • Internal IT support team
      • UX designer
      • Successful deliverable should take care of performance, and follow X-Gym design guidelines (We don’t have full designs for the app yet, will work with you to figure out)
      III. Your work?
      • Xác định main stakeholders & engagement level
      • Tạo Project Charter
      • Tạo Project Scope Statement
      • Propose WBS & draft estimation
      • Propose high-level architecture of the system (backend, server, web, mobile, etc.)
      • Tạo presentation (slide) chứa đựng những thông tin.
      IV. Output
      • Presentation file & present it
      • Slide should contain all above necessary info as minimum level
      • Not too long (max. 30 slide)

      Final slides

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